Logo Repeating Tote Bag

Telluride Film Festival


We call it "One singular sensation" tote! Our customized TFF canvas tote bag has an all-over repeating subliminal logo with one red standout.  The circular bottom allows more room at the bottom without overwhelming the overall size and shape; the two-color complimentary double-strap comes together at the top to be softer on the hand, and the straps are long enough to carry over your shoulder. The medium weight canvas gives it strength and a softness that isn't too stiff and bulky.  It's versatility, size and design are fun for the more casual haul and holds up well in a corporate setting - but we have to warn you:  you will attract a lot of attention!  One singular sensation! TFF repeating logo tote bag with two color strap has a reinforced circular bottom giving you more room to carry all you need.